Mitigating Hearing Loss | Victorville Sbcp Home Care

Mitigating Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a common symptom of aging, but that doesn’t make it any less difficult for High Desert residents to manage. It can be devastating for a patient to start to lose their hearing, as they may feel like their independence drifting away. At St. Bernardine Care Providers, we believe that mitigating hearing loss…

Aqua Therapy Benefits | High Desert Sbcp Home Care

Aqua Therapy Benefits

Traditional rehabilitation programs have been proven to be effective, and are often a wonderful choice for patients in the High Desert region. However, at St. Bernardine Care Providers, we believe that every patient should have a rehabilitation and recovery program that works for their own personal needs. Aqua therapy has been proven to offer many…

Healthy Diet for Seniors | Hesperia Physical Therapists

Healthy Diet for Seniors

Throughout the course of a person’s lifetime, they have different dietary needs at various stages. A young child requires relatively regimented nutrition, while adults may be able to enjoy a more relaxed diet. At St. Bernardine Care Providers, we work with our High Desert clients in order to be sure that they are getting the…

Music Therapy and Seniors | High Desert Physical Therapists

Music Therapy and Seniors

Music has long been considered the universal language. Regardless of a person’s age or background, people throughout the Inland Empire have been able to connect and relate to one another through music. At St. Bernardine Care Providers, we believe that music therapy can actually help seniors in the High Desert region with some of their…