Polypharmacy and Your Health | Apple Valley SBCP Hospice Home Care

Polypharmacy and Your Health

Polypharmacy is defined as the use of multiple medications at the same time by one individual. Because your health tends to deteriorate as you get older, this condition is most likely to happen to senior citizens. Therefore, if your doctor has placed you on more than one prescription, if you have prescriptions with more than…

Keys to Improving the Appetite | Apple Valley Hospice Home Care

Keys to Improving the Appetite

Many seniors find themselves with failing appetites as they age. This may be caused by numerous factors, such as declining metabolism, poor sense of taste, disease and even medications. Although this change in appetite may not be completely unexpected, it can be an unwelcome part of aging because proper nutrition is vital to a healthy…

Four Tips for Wheelchair Safety | Apple Valley St. Bernardine Hospice Care

Four Tips for Wheelchair Safety

Those seniors who find it difficult to get around on their own may rely on powered or manual wheelchairs for their mobility. These chairs can open up many doors for seniors as they want to remain active in life, and they can significantly improve one’s quality of life. However, because many operate on wheels and…

Benefits of Advance Care Plans | Apple Valley St. Bernardine Home Care

Benefits of Advance Care Plans

While advance care plans may not be something that most people want to think about, they can provide peace of mind that you will be cared for according to your wishes when the time comes. This can help you feel less anxious and can help clear up a myriad of questions for your family members…

Insomnia in the Elderly | Apple Valley Hospice Home Care for Seniors

Insomnia in the Elderly

Insomnia can be described in two common ways, which include difficulty falling asleep at the beginning of the night and difficulty staying asleep. This problem affects people in higher proportions as they age. Once adults reach their senior years, they are even more apt to struggle with this problem, and around half of all seniors…

What Is a Stress Test? | Apple Valley Hospice Home Care for Seniors

What Is a Stress Test?

Despite its name, a stress test does not test one’s mental stress level. Rather, this test is used to check the level of health of the heart muscle. Specifically, it looks at how well the heart functions under stress. To do this, the heart must first be placed in a stressful situation. This is usually…