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Cutting Sugar from Diet for the Elderly

Throughout the Inland Empire, health conscious residents are counting calories and taking note of how many grams of fat are in each serving of food that they enjoy. While this is an important part of enjoying a healthy lifestyle, it is not always the only thing to consider when making healthy choices. In many cases,…


Physical Therapy for Elderly

Exercise and physical therapy are things that everyone in the Inland Empire can benefit from, no matter what age they are. However, it is especially beneficial for those who are aging. Home care patients can benefit greatly from physical therapy, and we at St. Bernardine Care Providers work to help family members and loved ones…


The Benefits of Home Care

As a person ages, they feel more comfortable in surroundings that are familiar to them. It can be intimidating for elderly people to go for a walk around the block alone or take a trip to the store by themselves. With this in mind, many elderly people require medical care, and most of them would…