When You Need Home Care... The Choice is Always Yours

St. Bernadine Care Providers Inc. is a leader in the delivery of home health care services to patients in San Bernardino county. Our Highly skilled home care professionals provide a variety of medical services designed to help people return to good health and independence. Our nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, medical social workers, registered dietitians and certified home health aides work closely with physicians and hospitals to make sure each patient receives the care they need.

Home Health Aide

Certified Home Health Aide will assist you in your activities of daily living such as grooming, bathing, hygiene, nutrition intake, and light housekeeping.

Medical Equipment

Durable Medical Equipment will assess the patients need for home equipment such as canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and provide you with the highest quality equipment through our DME contractor.

Licensed Professionals

All services are provided by licensed professionals with years of experience in Home Health.

Physical Therapists

Physical Therapists will assess the patient’s physical condition and establish a physical therapy plan that will help that will help patients achieve maximum independence with their activities of daily living and minimize joint and muscular pain. Training for safe ambulation, transfer, and gait balance will be provided.

Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists will work with patients in achieving independent living goals, through exercise programs and adaptive equipment.

Speech and Language

Speech and Language pathologists will assess, diagnose, and treat those individuals with speech and language difficulty, problems swallowing and cognitive-communication disorders.

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